About Us

A homestay is a cultural exchange between an international student or visitor and an individual or family in the host country. The “host” provides lodging for an agreed-upon period of time and rate. Homestays can be tailored to provide meals, tutoring, and other activities.

Homestays are designed to support international students and visitors who come to the host country to learn about its culture and lifestyle, improve their language skills, or study regular academic courses.

The homestay experience can range from a completely immersive family experience to one that more closely resembles a bed-and-breakfast stay or room rental. In the immersive option, the guest spends time with the host family, sharing meals, attending sports or other amusement events, camping, traveling, and participating in holiday activities.

A professionally coordinated homestay is the ideal way to embrace fully the American way of life.

Homestays are quite popular with students and tour groups because they offer both a support system and an easy way to learn about the local customs and culture. Homestays can be arranged for just a few weeks, but they may also extend for multiple years.

Homestay hosts enjoy their cultural interactions with their guests, and in many cases develop lifelong relationships with these individuals. AHN-USA Hosts are carefully selected and screened for their ability to provide a great experience for their guests.