Students studying in America are eager to improve their language skills and experience the American lifestyle. Living with a host family accelerates this process and is a rich, rewarding experience for both student and host.

Company History

American Homestay Network (AHN-USA)  is an affiliate of the highly successful Australian Homestay Network. (AHN-AU)

In 2006, the international education industry in Australia recognized that the homestay industry for international students was not meeting service standards for quality and safety. AHN-AU was commended by the Australian Government for meeting accepted standards for homestay. In 2012, AHN-AU became Australia's leading Homestay Manager with over 10,000 successful international student placements. 

The American Homestay Network was established in 2012 to adapt and introduce an American version of Australia's standards, technology and best practices to the American market for both international students and other homestay guests. 

AHN-USA is dedicated to setting a new global standard for both student and guest homestay in America. We will achieve this by embracing the core values, standards, procedures and technology successfully tested and deployed in Australia.

The AHN-USA management team and Board of Directors have been carefully selected to ensure that our leadership is comprised of senior executives with diverse experiences so that we may bring innovation and creativity to our industry. We will continue to add advisory positions with subject matter expertise that supports our desire to ensure that America's international students and guests will have the best cultural experience when choosing AHN-USA as their choice for accommodation.