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Los Angeles is the second largest city in the U.S. When you fly in, you will be amazed by the sprawling metropolis. The city is famous for Hollywood which is home to the entertainment industry, including several movie studios. There is a vast variety of colleges and universities to choose from, so you are almost guaranteed to find a school that fits your needs. Some of the notable universities include University of California, California State University, and Occidental College.

Fun Facts About Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles original name was El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora Reina de los Angeles sobre el Rio Porciuncula, which translates to The town of our lady queen of the angels of the Porciuncula River.
  • The LA coroner’s office has a gift shop.
  • Beverly Hills started out as a modest lima bean ranch.
  • The Hollywood sign originally said “Hollywoodland”.
  • Dodger Stadium is carved deep into the ground, which is very different from other stadiums.

Colleges in Los Angeles

University of California: Los Angeles
Programs: Psychology, Mathematics,Integrative Biology and Physiology, Economics, Neuroscience
Interesting fact: Bring it On, Nutty Professor and Legally Blond were all filmed at UCLA

University of Southern California
Programs: Business, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Social Work
Interesting Fact: The USC marching band is the only one in the US that has earned a platinum record.

Los Angeles City College
Programs: Art, Computer Science and Information Technology, Dietetics, ESL, and Kinesiology
Interesting Fact: The LACC campus was the original location of UCLA before it moved to Westwood, CA.

Los Angeles Valley College
Programs: Anthropology, Paralegal, Broadcasting, Commercial Music, Theatre
Interesting Fact: Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), Kevin Spacey (Se7en, House of Cards) all went to LAVC.

Occidental College
Programs: Geology, Art History & Visual Arts, Geology, HIstory, Public Health
Interesting Fact: When Occidental College opened in 1887, tuition was only $50 a year!

Explore The City

Try a Meetup! is a collection of groups that put on events called meetups. You can join groups based on your interests. It is a great way to meet new people in Los Angeles. Here are few groups to start out with:


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History and Demographics

Take a look at a historical Timeline of Los Angeles going all the way back to 38,000 BC! When you’ve got your fill of interesting historical facts, take a moment to learn about the people that live in Los Angeles today.

Los Angeles History
Los Angeles Demographics