Imagine being able to share your home and your culture with an international student who has a vastly different world view–and learning about their culture in the process! Being a certified AHN host brings global awareness to the heart of your home.

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The American Homestay Network (AHN-USA) welcomes families and individuals interested in participating as hosts for our international student homestay program. We are currently recruiting for host families. AHN-USA offers competitive host payments for all homestay programs.

AHN-USA programs are based on the industry best practices established by our partners at the highly acclaimed Australian Homestay Network. The Australian Homestay Network (AHN-AU) has been commended by the Australian Government for establishing the standards for homestay in Australia.

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AHN-USA is the first standards-based nationally focused international homestay organization in America. We offer:

AHN-USA seeks homestay hosts who are interested in welcoming an international student into their homes for the purpose of providing a safe, comfortable living environment to a young adult. These youth seek to improve their English-language fluency, as well as understand American culture and family life, while sharing their own cultures with their American host families. All families must participate in an in-home interview process and agree to background checks on family members over 18.

At AHN-USA, we assess and select hosts based on their ability and willingness to serve as ambassadors for our country and our culture. We offer our visiting students much more than a room for rent: our commitment is to provide an experience that both the host family and the student find culturally enriching, and that provides the student with a successful start to his or her stay in our country.

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