Embrace American culture and live with a host family while you study in America. Have a life-changing experience as you learn about the country and the culture while rapidly improving your language skills.



American HomestayNetwork (AHN-USA) invites you to explore the opportunities and advantages offered by the American Homestay Network as your initial accommodation option in the USA.

An AHN-USA homestay is a very effective way for an international student to get a safe and informative introduction to experience American culture and the community they will be living in. The homestay experience allows the visitor to become familiar with transportation, accommodations, activities, shopping and the best options for a longer term stay.

Through our partnership with our colleagues at the Australian Homestay Network (AHN-AU), AHN-USA brings decades of experience in managing homestays for international students, using proven methods, standards, training, and a communications network to ensure that every student—and every host—has a safe, culturally rich experience. AHN-USA is the first standards-based nationally focused homestay organization in America. Our sophisticated student/host matching service, 24/7 critical-incident service,  banking and payment services, and airport transportation services make the American homestay experience convenient, reassuring, and pleasant for our clients. All services are managed through our proprietary online system, which offers private portals for all users.

At AHN-USA, we believe that choosing a homestay for housing when coming to a new country ensures a more successful experience for international students. Research shows that homestay students improve their language skills through everyday discussions with an American family. Participation in American home life is one of the most effective ways to master the nuances of American culture. We offer a level of homestay service that is designed, and in Australia, has already been proven, to ensure a successful introduction to your new host country.

AHN-USA hosts are carefully selected to ensure that our students are placed in environments that are not only safe and comfortable but also welcoming. Our hosts are truly interested in enjoying a shared cultural experience with their students. We conduct national criminal background checks, in-home interviews with all family members, and complete home inspections—and we stay in contact with both the host and the student during the homestay period. We want all visiting students to have the most positive experience possible when beginning their educational journey in America.

AHN-USA launched in 2012 and have been actively placing students in 2013. We are expanding nationally, so please don't hesitate to contact us with any location where you may be seeking homestay.

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