American Homestay Network – San Francisco

San Francisco is a city full of life! The trolley cars, the shopping, and the world famous Golden Gate Bridge make the city a popular tourist spot. Among all the hustle and bustle you will find many distinguished colleges and universities include the Academy of Art, San Francisco State University and the University of California. San Francisco is a wonderful city that would be a perfect fit for just about anyone.

Fun Facts About San Francisco

  • Denim jeans were invented in San Francisco for the Gold Rush miners who needed tough, comfortable clothing.
  • Al Capone spent five years in prison in Alcatraz.
  • In Star Trek, Star Fleet HQ is located just north of San Francisco.
  • San Francisco is built on 43 hills.
  • Filbert between Hyde and Leavenworth is the steepest street at 31.5 degrees.

Homestay Parter Institutions in San Francisco, San Jose and the Bay Area of California

Pacific Oaks College
Pacific Oaks in San Jose is a professional school offering Early Childhood Education, Human Development, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Organizational Leadership degree programs. In close proximity to an abundance of for-profit and nonprofit businesses and organizations, the San Jose campus of Pacific Oaks presents many possibilities for graduates who wish to build their careers by applying what they’ve learned in real-world situations at social service, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations. AHN has hosts nearby who will help and support you, so you can focus on your studies.

Other Colleges and Universities in San Francisco, San Jose and the Bay Area

City College of San Francisco
Programs: Fire Science Technology, Forensic Identification, Aircraft Maintenance, Wireless networking, Computer programming
Interesting Fact: The college was nicknamed “Trolley Car College” when it frist opened because there was no central location and students had to travel long distances between building locations.

San Francisco State University
Programs: Accounting, Art History, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Communication Studies.
Interesting Fact: The first campus, located at Powell Street near Clay, was equipped to handle a staff of 24 and a student body of 31.

Academy of Art University
Programs: Animation & Visual Effects, Fine Art, Illustration, Photography, Web Design & New Media, Landscape Architecture.
Interesting Fact: Deanne Fitzmaurice, photographer, winner of a 2005 Pulitzer Prize graduated from the Academy of Art University.

University of San Francisco
Programs: Arts and Sciences, Education, Law, Nursing, Business Management.
Interesting Fact: The university’s motto is Experientia Docet which means “Experience Teaches”.

UCSC – Silicon Valley
UCSC Silicon Valley is a branch of the world-renowned University of California, Santa Cruz and offers professional certificates and intensive ESL courses.

Explore The City is a collection of groups that put on events called meetups. You can join groups based on your interests. It is a great way to meet new people in San Francisco. Here are few groups to start out with:


San Francisco has a cool climate. It gets up to around 70-80 degrees during the summer and around 60 degrees during the winter. Watch out for the wind and fog coming from the bay! It can be pretty chilly!

History and Demographics

The History of San Francisco is fascinating. Take a few minutes to learn about the gold rush or how the city was started by the Spanish because the Europeans couldn’t see the bay through the fog. You can also learn about the people that live in San Francisco today.