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Seattle is one of the most beautiful and fastest growing cities in the country. The hilly landscape is surrounded by water and on a sunny day you can see snowcapped mountains in all directions. The people are known for being laid back and friendly and enjoy being outdoors.  Seattle is also home to Microsoft, Google, Starbucks, Boeing, and Amazon.  You can find several highly recommended colleges within the city including University of Washington, Seattle Pacific University & A.C.E Language Institute, Shoreline Community College, and the Seattle Community Colleges.

Fun Facts About Seattle

  • Seattle is the most literate city in the country.
  • The world’s first gas station opened in 1907 on East Marginal Way.
  • I-90 was the first floating bridge in the world and the 520 is the longest floating bridge in the world.
  • 11.52% of Seattle’s total land area is parks and open areas.
  • Seattle has the highest percentage of people riding bikes to work compared to other US cities of its size.

Colleges in and around Seattle

University of Washington
Programs: School of Medicine, College of Engineering, and Michael G. Foster School of Business, School of Art, Art History and Design
Interesting Fact: Bubble gum, vinyl, synthetic rubber and the color TV tube were all invented at the UW.

Seattle University
Programs: School of Law, School of Nursing, The Albers School of Business and Economics, and much more.
Interesting Fact: 5 NBA players, 1 NBA coach, and 1 NBA Hall of Famer graduated from Seattle University.

Seattle Central College
Programs: Commercial Photography, Culinary Arts, Marine Carpentry, Marine Engineering, and much more.
Interesting Fact: This school started out as Broadway High School and was changed to a vocational school in 1946.

South Seattle College
Programs: Wine Technology, Aeronautical Technology, Nursing, Welding Fabrication, and much more.
Interesting Fact: Located in West Seattle which is home to Alki Beach.

North Seattle College
Programs: Nanotechnology, Biology, Accounting, Sustainability, and much more.
Interesting Fact: The school’s mascot is the North Star.

Seattle Pacific University & A.C.E Language Institute
Programs: Psychology, Business Administration, Nursing and Physiology, and much more.
Interesting Fact: The campus is home the oldest remaining original trees in Seattle.

Shoreline Community College
Programs: Astronomy and Atmospheric Science, Visual Communication Technology, Nursing, ESL, Automotive, and much more.
Interesting Fact: Some elements of SCC’s architecture and landscaping are reminiscent of Japanese traditions.

Bellevue College
Programs: Nursing, Interior design, Network services & computing systems, Marketing, and much more.
Interesting Fact: Bellevue College operates FM radio station, KBCS (91.3), which is the only non-commercial community radio station in King County.

Cascadia College
Programs: Sustainability, Web application programming, Business, Global studies and much more.
Interesting Fact: Students can borrow campus bikes and ride them into Bothell, Woodinville, or along the Burke-Gilman Trail that runs from Seattle to Redmond.

Everett Community College
Programs: Computer Science, Dentistry, Fire Science, Oceanography, and much more.
Interesting Fact: EvCC operates the only FAA approved Aviation Maintenance Technology School in Snohomish County.

Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Programs: Digital Gaming, Business, Computer Science, Pre-Engineering, Architectural Technology, and much more.
Interesting Fact: Founded in 1949, LWTech is the only public institute of technology in the state of Washington

Explore Seattle

Try a Meetup! is a collection of groups that put on events called meetups. You can join groups based on your interests. It is a great way to meet new people in Seattle. Here are few groups to start out with:


Seattle is known as the rainy city because it rains about 50% of the time. The average temperature ranges from 50 degrees in the winter to 75 degrees in the summer. Due to the lack of sunshine, the city comes alive in the summer. There is a variety of things that you can do in the summer including music festivals, boating, hiking, and outdoor movies.


With a population of just over 652,000 people, Seattle has a lot of room for diversity. The city also a facinating history including an underground city! Learn more about the history of Seattle and the people that live there.

Seattle Underground
History of Seattle
Seattle Demographics

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