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The American Homestay Network (AHN) incorporates decades of international experience in homestay operations management to ensure that a homestay experience is a secure, comfortable and enriching experience for both hosts and guests. The array of services provided through the AHN Group is unprecedented in the industry and includes a national background check process, 24/7 professionally staffed emergency support, online payment services, compulsory online student and host orientation training, and professional airport transportation services—all managed through AHN’s web-based Homestay Management System for students, hosts, agents and institutions.

How Our Homestays Work

The American Homestay Network (AHN) matches (using information provided by both host and student) each student with a host family and looks at locating the student as close as possible to the student’s education provider. The host provides the student with a private bedroom and an agreed upon meal plan. The host also assist the student in learning the local customs and transportation systems, as well as generally helping the student become acquainted with the American lifestyle. Students are encouraged to share information about their home cultures and countries. Our hosts should also enjoy the opportunity of a unique cultural experience.

How Are Hosts Compensated?

Homestay fees vary from state to state and range depending on accommodation, meal plan and location. Each visiting student pays a homestay fee to AHN to cover management and supervision of their stay, 24/7 emergency support services, translation services, and airport transportation services. AHN pays the majority of the homestay fee to hosts to cover day-to-day food and accommodation expenses. Hosts get paid regularly from AHN while hosting a student and receive direct deposit stipends every 2 weeks.

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“And I cried when they left – even after only 2 weeks. My new little brothers.”

“I am in contact with many still. My Skype address book is full of their names, and I love getting the holiday email messages from them.”

“It was a pleasure to have Natsuki as our guest. We learned about their culture, shared laughs and experienced different foods. I was sad to see Natsuki go. I must admit I cried when I dropped her off and I miss her…”