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Lingua Language Center is proud to associate with the American Homestay Network (AHN) for the provision of homestay accommodation services for its students.

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You will settle faster, be safer and make better long term decisions on your future accommodation. Your AHN Host will also help you with a personalized one on one orientation (including assistance and advice with local transport, shopping, banking as well as introducing and assisting with networks, mentoring, ‘culturalizing’ etc.).

Our experience is that better settled International Students get better results and mix better with domestic students.

Beginning your adventure with AHN Homestay allows students to jump right into their studies without the worries of finding housing, furniture and signing leases all from overseas.AHN Homestay Hosts will help you to settle in to life in the USA and advise you of how to get acclimated to American ways.

AHN is considered to be a leading American Homestay Manager and is committed to meeting the well-published Homestay Standards.

It’s Interesting and Fun!

Our Homestay Program Includes

  • Homestay management and support throughout the entire homestay experience
  • Extensive national background checks for hosts
  • Student support services
  • Comprehensive online training and orientation
  • Professionally staffed 24/7 hotline
  • Automated online payment services for students and hosts

Why More Students Choose American Homestay Network (AHN)

Our global homestay network group has successfully placed more international students in high quality, safe and well managed homestays than any other similar program. Our hosts are carefully selected to ensure that our students are placed in environments that are not only safe and comfortable but also warm and welcoming.

Secure and Welcoming Hosts

Our hosts offer more than rooms for rent; they offer a support system and authentic interest in welcoming a student to America. AHN is the first standards-based nationally focused homestay organization in America.

Our sophisticated student/host matching service, 24/7 critical-incident service, banking and payment services, and airport transportation services make the AHN homestay experience the best in the nation.

Great Homestays Near Your School

American Homestay Network (AHN) places each student with a matching host family located as near as we can to the student’s place of education. The host will provide the student with a private bedroom, an agreed upon meal plan, and will assist the student in learning the local customs and transportation systems, as well as help the student become acquainted with the American way of life. Many students enjoy activities with their local family and become life-long friends.

Value for Money

The American Homestay Network operates in regions across the United States. Each region has student pricing specific to the living costs and services being made available in that region. AHN Homestay offers the best value for money option for the early stages of an international student being welcomed, culturalized and accommodated as they prepare for the commencement of their studies in the USA.

How to Begin

To begin the Homestay application process, click on the link below and follow the prompts. Once submitted your application will be assigned to the relevant office who will be in contact to begin the placement procedure.

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Contact Us

: From within USA:  425.285.4466

: From outside USA:  888 268 1903

: AHN Emergency Line: 866 999 9076

: Email:

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